The critical lens essays are well-known for their essential part in the Regent Exam English Category. By means of the Regent Exam one can review student’s ability to perform a wide range of critical thinking, reading and writing. Critical lens essays will require you to make use of every ability that is mentioned above. It takes thorough analysis and a very attentive eye to generate a top-professional essay that meets … Read the rest

These types of essays focus on the concepts of the subject. Art critique essays require less writing than other forms. To save time and make your work smarter, you have to lay down some strategies to arrive at the predesigned destination. By the end of the journey, you will realize that your critique writing is easier than ever. Following the tips given below will make your work look more presentable … Read the rest

At times you might be given an assignment to write an analysis essay or a critical one. Remember these are not easy essays and require a lot of thinking and organizing of the plans you intend to put down in writing. Your words will make a difference and you need to know how to simply use them for your advantage.

When writing an analysis essay it is understood that you … Read the rest

A critical essay is a review or critic of some other work, as a rule, the one that is related to some sort of art (play, book, movie or painting). Nonetheless, the critical paper is not just the other work content summary or your viewpoint on its value. The critical paper is an objective analyzing of work, studying both its negative and positive points.

If you take a look at … Read the rest

The term ‘critical’ has positive and negative meaning as well.  A sample critical essay would help you understand your own attitude towards it.

A critical essay analysis example always begins with an analysis of reading article by article. Each article must include the certain points to prove its value.

Here are the main points to be included in a critical essay;

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Writing in such a way that you are taking the role of a literary or film expert can be quite exciting yet challenging. Knowing how to write a critical essay is not just a matter of format. It is also about creativity and credibility, with a right balance of personal and theoretical banter since let’s face it; a critical essay format should have a formal, academic appeal. You might have … Read the rest

An essay is a complete elaboration of facts or findings that is written for assessment or for general public knowledge. However some people do write wonderful critical essay for the purpose of qualifying to get jobs like in the cases of journalist and news anchors or even when one wants to apply to get an academic writers account. Some people however do write essay for the purpose of selling them … Read the rest

A biography is commonly defined as a written account about the numerous events that define an individual’s life. Every student has written a biography and may be expected to write one at some point during his or her student career.

A biography written by a student in the fifth grade is definitely different from one written by a student in high school or college but regardless of what grade the … Read the rest

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