How to Write Critical Lens Essay Brilliantly

The critical lens essays are well-known for their essential part in the Regent Exam English Category. By means of the Regent Exam one can review student’s ability to perform a wide range of critical thinking, reading and writing. Critical lens essays will require you to make use of every ability that is mentioned above. It takes thorough analysis and a very attentive eye to generate a top-professional essay that meets up its purpose of luring your audience into siding with your viewpoint. Preparing thorough research, essay information analysis is just as important as writing the paper itself.

Make sure you fully know what critical lens quote is and you 100% understand it. The quote consists of an assigned sentence from some literary reference that creates division and controversy of opinion. Read the quote several times in order to understand its meaning and reveal every hidden implication. Do you best to stay as original as possible in your detailed analysis when you generate a viewpoint on the quote. Make a decision whether you’re of the same opinion or you disagree with the quote.

Now your task is to re-write critical lens essay using your own words. As a rule, authors are require to do that after word-for-word writing of the quote in the very first essay paragraph, but, what is more, it also gives a clear understanding of what the quote is trying to inform about, according to your perspective.

Select two great works of classic English literature that will become a solid basis and support for your viewpoint while witting critical essay. “Hamlet” is a great choice to build your essay on. In case you’ll give preference to some other work of literature, remember – this should be work that you’ve 100% read and are familiar with.

Work on every essay paragraph using the following formula – “point+support”. Provide viewpoint of yours or point followed by several quotes from one of two literature works. Make sure to generate every essay paragraph so that it can persuade your reader to take your side; to do so, readers will need to be provided with concrete facts (evidence) the two literature works will involve.

End up your project. Make a summarization of your essay argument and make sure to restate the critical lens quote. Providing the most substantial evidence in the conclusive part of the essay (the last paragraph) will leave your reader with loads of thing to ponder over.

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