Critical lens essays – formats and writing styles

Critical lens essays are usually written in order to validate some quotes. The validity of a quote is basically done by using literary devices and elements in order to prove the question. These are the essays which are usually written in order to prove a statement or a phrase by comparing it with other novels, usually more than two.

How to write critical lens essays?

Like all other essays, critical lens essays are written using the same format which are incorporated in other writings i.e. introduction, main text and the conclusion. In the introduction, you have to write the exact quote which needs to be proved as valid or invalid. It should be written with inserted commas and must be accurately written.

After writing the quote, write it in your own words and explain the main theme of the quote in your words using your point of view. State if you think that the quote is true or false; also state the work which you are going to do to prove the quote. Also, state how you are going to compare the work of the two writers using literary elements and techniques.

Now, use literary elements to prove if the quotation is valid or not. Use specific elements and do accurate comparison of the works which have been done by various writers. Prove or disapprove the quotes using your view point as well.

In the end, write the conclusion which must incorporate the entire work which has been done by you to prove the quote’s validity. By using the comparison and your own interpretation, create a statement of your essay and give a logical ending to your work. You can get good help from critical analysis essays examples.

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