Why Students Write Biography Essays

A biography is commonly defined as a written account about the numerous events that define an individual’s life. Every student has written a biography and may be expected to write one at some point during his or her student career.

A biography written by a student in the fifth grade is definitely different from one written by a student in high school or college but regardless of what grade the writer of a biography is at, there are certain elements that must be included in all biographies. The basic details that should be included in any biography include the date of birth and death of the individual the biography is about, the place of birth, information about the individual’s family, the individual’s important accomplishments and major life events, and the impact that the individual made to those around him and to the society at large.

Even though the above mentioned information is important when writing a biography, they are not enough to write a good biography. Once one has acquired this basic information, one should dig for more information to include in the biography and write the extra information in a way that will impress the targeted audience. When asked to choose an individual to write a biography about, one should ensure that one chooses an individual who has many interesting things to write about. This is important because the main aim of a biography is to inform and impress your reader and this cannot be done by listing boring facts.

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