Critical Thinking Writing

Other than the creative writing benefits, implementing the work-site safety increases the expenditure of the expenditure of the company, leading to reduction in the creative writing profit. Some custom writing workers might also misuse the safety equipment, thus, minimizing their effectiveness. Indeed, this makes the equipment not to serve the intended purpose. For example, in the mining company, the misuse of ear masks resulted to the recorded cases of deafness. Truly, some creative writing workers disobey the ethical practices and basic rules in the creative writing workplace by removing the ear masks even when they are operating a machine that produces very loud sound.

 Three recommendations to improve safety creative writing culture in the work-site

            In order to improve the safety culture and address the current critical thinking writing problems, both the company and the workers have the obligation to adhere to the safety rules. First, the company has to provide the safety equipment including; ear masks, dusk masks, gumboots, gloves helmets and overalls for all the workers. Beside, the creative writing management should ensure that they install the fire extinguishers, which are in working condition. Secondly, the company has to provide the safety guidelines and what the workers are expected to do, in case of injuries, fire outbreak and sickness in the work-site. They should outline them in posters that are strategically positioned in various parts of the company. Finally, the creative writing workers have to practice the culture of personal safety. Here, they should wear all the safety equipment during work, and ensure that they seek first aid for the injury sustained. In addition, the workers should know that safety is creative writing primarily for personal benefit, thereby, ensure that they coordinate with the creative writing management in finding solution for arising problems.

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