Tips on how to write a critical essay

Writing in such a way that you are taking the role of a literary or film expert can be quite exciting yet challenging. Knowing how to write a critical essay is not just a matter of format. It is also about creativity and credibility, with a right balance of personal and theoretical banter since let’s face it; a critical essay format should have a formal, academic appeal. You might have seen a critical thinking essay example online but learning the words to say. Here are some tips to help you out:

Normally, you will find a critical thinking essay example taking these common elements:

  • The description- This one classifies the literature or media being analyzed, including a brief summary, defining moments and the conflict that is predominant in the said content.
  • Interpretation- When you look at a critical thinking essay example, pick relevant elements from the content. Sometimes, you do not have to go through all the elements of the content. Whichever you think is most relevant for you commands the most interpretation.
  • Critical analysis- one thing to know about how to write a critical essay is that even if you have the freedom to discuss your points, it should always be conducted in an academic manner. Unless you are writing a blog or a rant letter to the author or the director, you should conduct your writing in a very academic manner. Also, have a basis for your criticisms. It could be that the content was written or made before to film or there are inconsistencies in various elements of production. Never say harsh things for the heck of it. You will be graded by how soundly you create your arguments and how they all make sense to the reader.
  • Conclusion- mix the theoretical and personal elements. You have to make a final statement to solidify your stand or criticism on the topic, book or movie that you are writing about.

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