How to write a Critical Essay

The term ‘critical’ has positive and negative meaning as well.  A sample critical essay would help you understand your own attitude towards it.

A critical essay analysis example always begins with an analysis of reading article by article. Each article must include the certain points to prove its value.

Here are the main points to be included in a critical essay;

  • Especially in a sample critical essay, a clear cut summery of author’s point of view should be included such as a brief idea about what the author wants to describe about, the important reasoning the author needs to support the main topic, a summery of the author’s implied points, a briefing about the author’s conclusion about the subject he/she wants to express.
  • A clear evaluation of the author’s work as a whole.

Once you have completed your evaluation or analysis, you can now be prepared to write a critical essay on your own. First of all note down all possible points that are required to prepare your expository essay and start working up on it. You can add the substances you got from referring some critical essay analysis example and put it down in your own style.

While writing a critical essay you may consider the below mentioned points too;

  • First and foremost thing, a critical essay should be informative. It must be based on the studies one does rather than on the basis of personal opinions of the writer. In short, the writing must be backed with solid evidence.
  • When you write a critical essay about a book or a poem, your feelings and opinions do get the back seat since it is meant to be write the facts about that literary work.
  • It should be drafted in such a way that it is going to teach your reader something new about the subject that you are referring to.
  • A critical essay is normally drafted in a very serious tone unlike other essays.
  • It is best to use the evidences from the text itself.
  • Try to express your sincere opinion about the book about which you are writing a critical essay.
  • Make sure that your critical essay is free of any technical error
  • Keep your tone very objective and serious while writing a critical essay.
  • Normally it must be designed in such a way that a critical essay includes 5 paragraphs such as introduction, 3 text pars and a conclusion

At times students will be given a critical lens essay outline, which contains a quote that the student should be proficient enough to connect with the subject.

One needs to be very careful and do a thorough research before he/she starts writing a critical essay about any topic.

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