How to Write Online College Critical Essay

To write college critical essay online means to write a relatively short text dedicated to the criticism of something. Generally the object is a piece of writing, but in fact it can be anything: a movie, a ballet, a piece of music, a rock-band, a fashion trend and virtually anything else. Online college critical essay writing presupposes a number of features that should generally be observed in any essay of this subtype. Some of them are as follows:

  • You should state what you think is or what is perceived as the main idea of the author (composer, musician, director, whoever else stands behind the creation of the object of your criticism), enumerate the ways in which it is expressed and what the author does to prove this point of view.
  • You should concentrate on objective information about the object of analysis rather than your personal feelings. Putting it simply, if you encounter a brilliant piece of writing you completely disagree with, you should look at it objectively and state its’ value as the text, not as the philosophical idea.
  • Don’t state anything without proving it.

When writing an online college critical essay, always try to look in the object of analysis for something that must have been overlooked by the majority, some details, some possible different interpretations and so on – your criticism should be interesting. Don’t overdo, though, don’t try to be original for the sheer sake of originality – it is always very easily perceived. The best way to prove something is to use quotations taken directly from the text and not the critical works of other writers – it is a kind of second-hand knowledge, however famous and credible the author is.

We hope these tips will be enough for you to write college critical essay online and receive high mark for it.

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