Using Critical Analysis Essay Examples

Critical analysis essays are extremely widespread in literature and, if you study this discipline, you are almost sure to encounter this kind of assignments sooner or later. That is why it is better to approach writing critical essays well-prepared.

Using examples of critical essays may be tricky – a literary work is a rather narrow field of knowledge and after reading its analysis, especially an original and unusual one, it is very hard to avoid being influenced by what you have read. That is why it may be a wise decision to avoid reading criticism on the book you are writing about, especially if your topic is a common one. For example, if you write a critical essay “Hamlet as a tragic figure” there will be hundreds if not thousands of essays written on a similar topic, and the more you read them the more common you own work looks.

You may ask yourself: “If it is unadvisable to use essays written on my topic as examples, then why use them at all? What good are they?” Your doubts are understandable but hardly justifiable. When reading critical analysis essay examples you learn the basics of this type of writing, you may stumble upon an idea you can use in your essay, you see how good and not so good authors utilize various methods and so on. In other words, after you study enough examples you can write your own critical essay “Hamlet as a tragic figure”, and moreover – turn even this hackneyed topic into something original.

Criticism is a very personalized thing, and the more your text expresses your own opinion and not something you have borrowed from another writer, the better. Of course, you will hardly be able to write something completely devoid of borrowings and influences, but it is something you should aspire to.

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