Example of a Critical Analysis Essay

When you’re assigned with the critical analysis essay, you need to remember that this essay type is about critical thinking. Critical lense essay or critical analysis essay – all these tasks require you to analyze, evaluate and interpret some work of literature using citable and researchable facts to support your thesis. In other words, what you are required to do is to analyze the works of different authors and their works to prove your viewpoint. It is recommended to choose the work that appeals to you personally, and you will enjoy the process of writing!

First of all, you need to choose the literary work to write on. For instance, it would be amazing to work on the critical essays on the great Gatsby. This essay will be a great opportunity to describe American society after the WWI. Thus, you will be able to discuss in your critical lense essay both social and historical aspects of life.

Decide what approach you’re going to use to your essay. Remember, there are several methods to approach critical essay, including taking sides of some character of book theme such as showing how some character has a fatal flaw that influenced all the events in the literature work. According to the other approach, you will have to examine the validity of all the factors that surround a work of literature such as conclusions made by the author and author’s place in a literature genre, and the accuracy of all the historical events the author has based his premise on. Decide on whether you are going to talk about external or internal work aspects.

Take a look at any critical response essay example and you will see that you, as the author, should develop your thesis statement you’ll have to prove in the paper. Your thesis may include something about how the author of the book was shocked by political and social events of his time or how your favourite character has become a victim of the concurrence of circumstances.

Make an outline for your support points. In any critical response essay example you will see that the majority of the examiners require students to support the thesis. But you may have more requirements. Work out the facts and concepts logical order for which you will be able to find enough text material to back your idea.

Conduct a detailed and thorough research, trying to find the experts who have the same opinion as you do. Depending on the approach and viewpoint you’ve chosen, you can dig information from the author’s interviews, historical texts, literary critics, author’s biography etc. Three or four sources will be enough to generate a solid argument.

Bring all the information together. Write each paragraph in logical order with the supporting arguments. Use facts you’ve got in the process of research to back every assertion or point, providing proper citation for the source in the essay body. You may include phrases like “In accordance to the literary critic …” Use the citation system your tutor required.

Work out your conclusive section, which is some sort of echo to your thesis, but still it should include some additional facts and brief summarization of how your well-supported viewpoint have helped your reader to realize the truth and validity of your thesis.

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