Tips on How to Ease Critical Essay Writing Process

Critical essay is an analytical investigation of one or several works of art. As a rule, critical essay authors deal with literature works, plays and movies. The simplest examples of critical analysis essays are the reviews of one book. There are also other critical papers which include the overviews of 2 and more works and require thorough research. Before you start writing critical essays, you have to remember that this project is not your personal opinion, which is based on your values and feelings. Any statements you present about a work must be based on true facts and supported by solid evidence. A lot of students think that writing critical essays means that they have to attack the author of a work and find faults in what he has created.

Preparing for Critical Essay Writing

Pick the topic and gather information. Start gathering sources as soon as possible. There are 2 types of sources: primary and secondary ones. Primary sources are the works you have to analyze. Secondary sources are all the supplementary stuff (newspaper articles, encyclopaedia materials etc.)

Read all the information you have and make notes.

Create a solid outline for the essay. Browse for sample critical essay outlines on the web to use them as an example.

Essay Structure.

Develop a short introduction. Provide a little background about the topic you’re assigned with and why this topic is important. You may also state your thesis and include several sentences to outline the paper.

Make a summarization of primary sources:  state the topic of the author, thesis and key supporting points.

Present the evaluation of every primary source you are using with the summery for it. Is the work well-organized? Converse about the evidence types the author brings into play in order to support the book arguments and whether the evidence is used effectively.

Next step is to restate the argument together with the key supporting points. This is an integral part of critical essay, which is of a great importance. You should present a thesis of your own, which may be simply that you have found this work of art convincing or maybe not. Remember, any claims you present should be based on logical evidence and support your viewpoint.

Summarize your critical essay with the conclusion section. Use sample critical essay as an example. Present a brief statement of the conclusions you have come up with. And as a final point, provide a number of question the author has raised (or the ones you have raised in your essay) that require further study of the work.

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