Critical Thinking and Critical Essay

Critical thinking refers to higher-rank thinking associated with questioning suppositions. It helps in deciding whether an assertion is worth i.e. true or false. The birth of critical thinking is associated with the Western contemplation to the Socratic technique of East and the Ancient Greece.

Creative thinking involves approaching a given topic open mindedly. Critical thinking may also be Important during interviews. The interviewee may be presented with serious problem which call for critical thinking to evaluate and establish the concepts underlying in the problem. In such a case, the interviewee approaches the problem open mindedly basing his opinions on personal knowledge of the issue.

Sometimes, the interviewee may find the fact in the problem as unrealistic after critical thinking on the issue. By mentioning the idea of open mindedness, I mean the ability to remain flexible to anything as long as logic is exhibited to substantiate the shift from one side to another or taking a neutral position.

Critical thinking has been found to be the best approach to employ in brainstorming where the parties freely suggest ideas without critical evaluation.

The parties in group session then engage critical thinking essay to evaluate the ideas generated. The purpose of critical thinking in this stage is to evaluate the suitability of the ideas generated by the parties. The best ideas are then chosen from the long list of the generated ideas. Generally, in life, human beings are faced with many situations which may be really demanding and call for their critical thinking to come up with sound solutions.

Therefore, critical thinking is a concept employed in day to day activities and even sometimes we do it without our knowledge hence inevitable.

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